Personalized time management

dailyblocks is a to-do list app that learns about your habits over time and assists in building your daily schedules

Curb your procrastination

Time blocking

Set a timer for each task and work in focused bursts. Time blocking helps reduce distractions and procrastination, keeping you on track.

Productivity scores

Get a weekly score reflecting your task completion rate. This feedback encourages continual improvement in your productivity and task management.

Personal insights

Discover your peak productivity hours, assess task completion efficiency, and refine your time estimations with insightful analytics from your activity.

Hear from our users

I was lost in overly complex productivity apps until I found dailyblocks. Now, I focus on what's essential without the clutter.

- Kevin from Seattle
Before dailyblocks, balancing work and breaks was a challenge. Now, I can clearly see my progress and take breaks confidently, knowing I've earned them.

- Ming from Los Angeles
Procrastination used to be a big hurdle. With dailyblocks, it's like I'm playing a productivity game — it's fun and keeps me motivated every day!

- Chloe from Boston

Built for engagement

Habit formation loop

dailyblocks is built on the 'habit loop' concept. Studies show it takes 66 days on avg. to form a habit. Our app's model encourages daily engagement, making habit formation attainable and fun.

User research

In our user studies, participants using dailyblocks reported a 30% increase in task completion efficiency. Additionally, 70% found time-blocking to significantly reduce procrastination, aligning with research on time management techniques.

Race against the clock

Who said errands can't be thrilling? Set a timer, get to work, and watch your productivity soar. It's all about having a blast while getting things done.

Track your triumphs

Compare your daily progress to past days and try to get more efficient and accurate at daily scheduling