A Tasklist Designed for Remote Work

DailyBlocks is a free to-do list app that keeps you accountable through timers and gives you a daily score.

Defeat Procrastination

DailyBlocks is designed with features in mind that help you overcome procrastination

Time Blocking

Plan your day with time blocks where each block has an associated countdown to keep you focused and add a little bit of time pressure to prevent procrastination.

Productivity Scores

DailyBlocks gives you feedback on your productivity as you complete more and more tasks. Incentivize yourself to keep improving your daily output and efficiency by setting new personal high scores!

Personal Insights

Track your producitivity over time to adjust your routines and learn about the factors that lead to your most productive days.

Hear from our Users

Before DailyBlocks, I used productivity apps that were too bloated and wasted too much time trying to find an app that focuses on the essentials.
Usually, it's hard to judge how much I've done in a day and when I should take a break but with DailyBlocks, I can take breaks guilt-free after visualizing my output.
I struggle with procrastination but using DailyBlocks, I'm able to stay motivated by turning my routines into a game.

Built for Engagement

DailyBlocks incorporates principles from habit-forming apps such as mobile games. Try it out and see how fun your errands start to become!

Improve your time management

Use DailyBlocks to help break down your day while using statistics to help improve your ability to create manageable workloads for yourself.

Gain key insights into your productivity

Track when you are the most productive, how much time you spend working during the day, or how efficient you are at completing tasks on time.

Race against the clock

Time yourself when completing tasks to keep yourself accountable and focused

Aim to be better than yesterday

Compare daily progress through different graphs and try to beat your previous scores